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Organic Pesticides

All farmers, including organic ones, use pesticides. While organic farmers rely on natural sources, both synthetic and natural pesticides have varying levels of toxicity. Pesticides are essential for maintaining food security and ensuring safe, nutritious produce for consumers. Pesticides are indispensable tools that enable farmers to produce safe, high-quality food while maximizing crop yields and minimizing.

Pesticides are essential for crop protection, food security, and human health.

Pesticides shield crops from a variety of threats, including insects, diseases, and weeds. Without these protective measures, more than half of the world’s crops would be lost to pests and diseases. By using pesticides, farmers can safeguard their crops during growth and storage, ensuring healthy yields and minimizing losses. Pesticides allow farmers to grow more food on limited land. Major crops, such as rice, have seen significant production increases since the 1960s, largely due to pesticide use. For instance, rice production has more than doubled, and wheat production has increased by nearly 160 percent. Crop quantity and quality rely on effective pest control. For example, without fungicides, yields of most fruits and vegetables could fall by 50-90 percent. Pesticides also reduce exposure to food contaminated with harmful microorganisms and naturally occurring toxins, thus preventing food-related illnesses.


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